This portal aims to keep students up to date with what's happening around campus, as well as to provide information on living in Sendai.


  • Campus Life

    From launching satellites to performing in the Sendai Jazz Festival, from sumo wrestling to cherry blossom viewing, Tohoku University's campus is vibrant throughout the year.

  • Admissions

    Tohoku University students come from across Japan and throughout the world, to study in the heart of Tohoku.

  • Academics

    Tohoku University has 10 undergraduate schools; 16 graduate schools, 6 research institutes, 12 research centers, and the University Hospital. It currently employs 6,379 staff and has a roll of 17,852 students.

  • 虎扑电竞

    Tohoku University is renowned for its achievements in technological innovation and for the practical application of these technologies to the advancement of society...

International Support Office

Hand Book for International Students

  • This handbook contains information for Tohoku University international students on procedural matters at the university as well as helpful information about daily life.
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