Tohoku University students come from across Japan and throughout the world, to study in the heart of Tohoku.

Undergraduate programs cover10 fundamental fields of specialization - 4 in the humanities and 6 in the sciences. Moreover, you will be able to further increase your specialization in 16 graduate schools in expanded fields, enabling you to pursue research in cutting-edge areas.

  • Undergraduate Admission

    Tohoku University's FGL offers three outstanding undergraduate degree courses, taught completely in English.

  • Graduate Admission

    You will find a wide range of research fields at Tohoku University.

  • Fees & Expenses

    Tohoku University entrance, tuition, and examination fees.

  • Financial Aid

    Tohoku University offers reduction or exemption of tuition fees for students in financial difficulty.

Experience Tohoku University

  • Experience @ Tohoku University
    What's it like to study at Tohoku University? Why is Tohoku the place to be? Experience Tohoku University through the eyes of our students.

Guidebook for Prospective Students

  • This guidebook contains information for Tohoku University international students on procedural matters at the university as well as helpful information about daily life.
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